In this section, you will find videos made to introduce the Center and its projects :

1. The Ambassadors of the Volunteering Action. Realised in December 2022

2. Video from the ABC Center in times of pandemic. Realised in April 2021

3.Video presenting volunteering at the ABC Youth Center. Realised in September 2020.

4. Twinning "Integrating through French". Realised in February 2020

5. Video for the 40th Anniversary of ABC Center. Realised in April 2019.

6. Video on the involvement of young volunteers in action in their communit. Realised in 2017.

7. Video presenting the ABC Center. Realised in July 2012.

8. The Youth and volunteering. Realised in 2012


9. Video presenting the project "Ambassador of Volunteer Action" at Katimavik-Hébert Elementary School Produced in 2012.

10. Video presenting the history, mission and activities of the ABC Center. Realised in 2011.