: The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal opens a service station in Saint-Laurent under the name Volunteer Service Saint-Laurent inc.

1984 : The Saint-Laurent Volunteer Service obtains its charter and becomes an autonomous organization.

1987 : New denomination: Saint-Laurent-Bordeaux-Cartierville Volunteer Center.

1992 : Following the division of the territory, the Center is named Saint-Laurent Volunteer and Community Center Inc.

1996 : The Teleglobe Foundation awards the Center the "Age of Friendship" prize for the intergenerational project "Messengers of Time".

1997 : The Center receives the "Mérite Municipal" award. This tribute is given to underline the exceptional quality of its commitment in its municipality.

1997 : The Center becomes a member of the Federation of Volunteer Centers of Quebec (FCABQ)

1979-2009 : 30 years of volunteer action!

2010 : An honorary certificate from the National Assembly is presented to the ABC Center during the evening celebrating its 30th anniversary.

1979-2019 : 40 years of volunteer action!

2011 : The Saint-Laurent Volunteer and Community Center wins the Alpha Award in the category "Economic, Social and Cultural Organizations".