The mission of the Center for Volunteer Action Saint-Laurent inc. is to promote volunteerism in the various sectors of human activity and to create a response to the needs of the community.

Guiding principles

One of the guiding principles of the Center is the place occupied by the volunteer within the Center. Not only is the volunteer the primary resource of the Center, it is its raison d'être. Indeed, it is through the volunteer force that the Center radiates in the Laurentian community. In addition, it is from the volunteer's values and ideas that the Center can initiate and develop projects and services.

Another element at the base of the ABC Center is the presence of employees. They assume, as needed, a set of responsibilities delegated to them by the Board of Directors. Their job is to provide technical support to volunteers and local community organizations. Their task also includes the proper functioning of the various services and community activities, the promotion and advertising of the Center. Continuity is assured.