Types of volunteering by clientele 

Volunteering with children from 0 to 12 years old

Supporting the child
The volunteer works to improve the quality of life of the child and the teenager during his stay in the hospital by offering him a friendly presence.

Godmother Tenderness 
The ABC Center's Caregiver program aims to provide support and respite to young mothers aged 30 and under. For example, the volunteer visits the mother once a week to keep her company, listen to her, or give her advice on child care.  

Help with homework
This service aims to help students complete their school work.
This volunteer activity takes place in elementary and high schools and in community organizations that receive youth after school hours.

Help monitor
In day camps and recreational activities organized by community organizations, volunteers help the facilitator to ensure the safety and participation of children.

Ambassador Project 
This project aims to make elementary youth aware of volunteering. Thus, the volunteer is called to go to the 5th and 6th grade classes to introduce students to different ways to get involved in their community through an educational game.  

Do reading at homes of children with learning disabilities

Bénévolat auprès des jeunes  de 12 à17 ans

Help with homeworks
The purpose of this service is to help students complete their schoolwork.
This volunteer activity takes place in elementary and secondary schools and community organizations that welcome young people after school hours.

Support for children living with a disability
The volunteer participates in recreational activities with the child living with a disability. 

Volunteering with seniors

Help with shopping
This volunteer activity aims to offer a personalized service to seniors and / or disabled or people with temporary loss of autonomy who have difficulty moving or cannot take care of their personal purchases. Travel and / or parking costs are charged to the beneficiary 

Friendly visits
The volunteer visits people suffering from loneliness. This service must be provided on a regular

Friendly calls 
Appeals to break the isolation and / or secure those confined to their homes. 

Break for caregivers 
In order to allow low-income caregivers to attend medical consultations or other appointments, the volunteer goes to the home to stay with the person with a loss of autonomy. 

The volunteer renders small services that do not require physical strength in the beneficiary’s home.

For people who cannot move and who only have the government's old age pension with the guaranteed income supplement. The volunteer goes to the beneficiary’s home to take the tax form and complete it at ABC Center. 

Accompanying with and without car to medical appointments
This service consists of accompanying and securing people while they are traveling for medical appointments. Beneficiaries are seniors with low income who are temporarily or progressively losing their autonomy.

This service consists of delivering frozen meals to elderly people who are isolated, disabled or in convalescence.
This volunteer activity takes place on Wednesday morning and each team is composed
of 2 walkman and a driver.

Support for leisure activities
This service provides support to shelter workers during various activities. 

Other types of volunteering

Office work
This volunteer activity may vary according to need. The work may include making phone calls, making calls for a particular service or event, filing records, etc

Support for people with disabilities

The volunteer visits or participates in recreational activities with a person with a disability.

Board of Directors
The volunteer sits on a board of directors and actively participates in decisions made within an organization.

Improve the quality of life of newcomers who need physical and / or moral support in their territory. Providing moral and / or spiritual comfort, exchange and help for newcomers and good communication between parents and school staff.

Help at the library
The volunteer participates in the delivery of books to homes for people with loss of autonomy.

Food aid
This activity takes place in community organizations. It involves sorting food and preparing boxes that will then be distributed to organizations or beneficiaries of food aid.

Special Events
The volunteer participates in the organization and implementation of activities such as fundraisers, competitions, and community initiatives in the Laurentian community such as Stores-Share, Seasonal Markets, Winter Bazaar etc.