Volunteers over 18


The volunteer person, through the meaning and responsibility of his commitment, is the primary and indispensable element of the Center: actor, partner and decision-maker. Without this generous participation of volunteers, the Center could not meet the needs of the community. It is therefore important to offer volunteers support based on their abilities and skills in order to promote their independence, motivation and personal development.
The Center, attentive to the personal journey of the volunteer wishing to get involved, recommends the following steps:

1- The interview
The interview takes place in a climate of confidence favoring exchanges. The aim here is to get to know the volunteer candidate better, to inquire about his motivations, his tastes and his availability and to check his aptitudes according to the tasks to be carried out. To this end, the person must answer a questionnaire; complete a registration form and a police filtering form. This interview is conducted by the volunteer leader. If deemed necessary, the person in charge and the future volunteer decide to give themselves some time for reflection.

2- The orientation
The volunteer chooses what she wants to do. The volunteer leader directs her either to the Center's services or to a community organization that meets her aspirations.

3- Commitment
The commitment begins in the months following. The first interview when the volunteer receives a better of welcome.

4- The follow-up
The follow-up allows the supervisor to verify the degree of satisfaction of the volunteer in his new activity. It permits the volunteer to confirm his engagement to see if the activity is to his liking. It also allows to see if the tasks are in accordance with the objectives of the Center. The volunteer can always revise his choices at any time during his engagement.

1. Always follow your job descriptions. Even if you are asked, never do more than agreed. Ex: Don’t take object from someone’s purse, doing some housework.
2. Do not accept money or a gift in exchange for your volunteering.
3. NEVER administer a medication, not even a Tylenol.
4. NEVER give your personal details (phone number and address). Always do * 67 before calling a beneficiary.
5. Always inform the ABC Center if you find an unacceptable situation, eg: marks of violence.
6. Always keep in touch with the ABC Center. If you feel uncomfortable, call us as soon as possible to resolve the situation.
•• Accept the ABC Center filtering policy
• Respect ABC Center policies
• Respect your volunteer commitment
• Be present at basic training